holidaze are for book lovers

holidaze are for book lovers

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NEW RELEASE: The Legacy of Lucy Little Bear (novella) on AMAZON

Life on the reservation is not a dream. These stories tell the harsh realities of life with murderous men and murderous weather. Robidoux’s novella of Lucy Little Bear is as rich and complex as life itself. --- “When I was seven my mother tried to kill me.” So begins the journey of Lucy Little Bear in a place “so cold salt water freezes in the bay.” All the characters in these linked narratives find their way into the warmth of your soul. An old woman, Lily Paul, sings in the old language until the fire sings back. She turns into an ermine to survive a perilous journey to her trailer park, “Hollywood,” on coastal Maine. And there is Shawna and the danger of those Moonlight Tours. Robidoux creates a mystical place with her words …where “fog floats in and out with the tide…creating a feeling the world is just a dream.” But life on the reservation is not a dream. These stories tell the harsh realities of life with murderous men and murderous weather. There is “generational loneliness” in the eerie call of a loon on Pennamaquan Lake. There are wonderful place names that live as the characters in the beauty of these stories that transcend the harshness and recall the “star bridge” over which we walked. 
-Diane Glancy, author of Pushing the Bear, Claiming Breath, The Collection of Bodies: Concern for Syria and the Middle East and others 

In these luminous linked stories, Lucy Little Bear is our entrĂ©e into the lives of those who live on the Borderlands, between Canada and the US, on Reservation and off, people who live close to the earth and can channel its energies. Weaving elements of story, mystery and dream, tethering the collection with one transcendent description of landscape after another, Robidoux explicates both the deep sadness of the people whose lives have been devalued by the US mainstream for centuries, and also their indomitable strength. 
- Pam Houston, author, Contents May Have Shifted 

The stories in the Legacy of Lucy Little Bear will transport you to Northpoint, Barbara Robidoux’s fictional Maine reservation. The characters there love and kill each other and they sometimes come back to love and try some more. They fight with humor through sadness, and the landscape returns them to each other and to themselves. They enter frozen rivers and come out changed. They enter the old stories and come out in the present, driving slow down icy roads, following sharp curves. They will enter your world and your dreams: they will follow you to the grocery store and ride around in your cart. You’ll be glad for their company. This is a book and a place crafted with care, not easily put down or left behind. 
-Toni Jensen, author,From the Hilltop

$12.95 (paperback)  BUY LINK

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