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Laramie Harlow

Blue Hand Books is honored to read this review of Sleeps with Knives and our publishing efforts on the blog Indigenous New England Literature


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becomingBlue Hand Books, a collective of Native American authors has released a new title BECOMING by Laramie Harlow (Hentz), a follow up to her sensational  poetry chapbook SLEEPS WITH KNIVES.
“Becoming is actually my third book, beginning with One Small Sacrifice,” Harlow said. “I’ve changed my name from Trace DeMeyer to a family name.  I changed so much, this evolving story took time to live and to write.  Some might find it controversial. I don’t hide my truth and what I’ve lived as an adoptee, a wife and a journalist.”
Becoming includes 15 prose poems and stories about Harlow’s life up to the present.  Her writing about being an adoptee, a Lost Bird, a grandma, a journalist/author/blogger, and the Seven Fires Prophecy is about becoming the change.
The collection offers several touching true short stories about “BECOMING,” including Lethal Journalist, her foray into becoming an editor, Terror Bunny, a story she tells her granddaughter, Our Love Story, about her life in Connecticut and meeting her husband Herb Hentz, and Butt Dancer, a funny chapter about her “my bad” birthdays.
“It’s a short book but still heavy,” Harlow said. “People don’t have time to read War and Peace anymore. Time has sped up on everyone, especially me. I wrote this for my family, friends and my grandchildren, so they’d know how much life has changed since my memoir One Small Sacrifice came out in 2009.”
“I used to be a rock singer, shop owner, trophy wife, Native history book junkie, journalist, radio show producer. That’s changed like titles change, and names change…. I blog about everything,” Harlow writes in the preface.
Woody, the groundhog, in her story Whistling Pig Farm
Woody, the groundhog, in her story Whistling Pig Farm

Harlow put this on the back cover: “What’s in the BOX? Brad Pitt says this in the movie Seven, remember? (Content in the box pushed poor Brad over the edge.) You can say this about what’s in BECOMING.

“Writing about colonizers, Indian Country and ongoing genocide usually gets someone’s head in a tizzy or butt in an uproar. I do that, ” Harlow writes.

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Blue Hand Books is a collective of Native American authors who find new readers using social media, publishing paperbacks and ebooks for known and up-and-coming Native authors.  Founded in 2011, Becoming is their 12 published title.  Two new books TWO GUNS and WRITER ON THE STORM by John Christian Hopkins (Narragansett) are coming soon are published.

The history of Blue Hand Books is included in their new title BECOMING.

Her Books:
Sleeps with Knives (click photo to purchase)
Becoming: True Short Stories and 15 Prose-Poems (click photo to buy)

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