holidaze are for book lovers

holidaze are for book lovers

Buy Our Books and Save a Writer!

Buy Our Books and Save a Writer!

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We truly wish we had our own storefront and press to run our books... Trace/BHB

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Quote of 2018

As dedicated as I am to the craft of writing, I also feel very ambivalent about all the accoutrements that go around being a writer and being published. People forget that this is all a very recent invention, that authors have to do this dog and pony show. -Eugene Thacker: Author, Editor, Poet, Professor

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The links are on this blog to the paperbacks and Kindle ebooks (if available)

We highly recommend you use IndieBound and find a local bookstore. At a store near you: Indie Bookstore Finder map (http://www.indiebound.org/indie-bookstore-finder)

Ask your local book seller to buy our books through Ingram, a book distributor.  Barnes and Noble can order our books and have them for you in a few days.
Almost all of our titles are on Kindle

The new edition of Two Worlds is available on KOBO as well.
We have retired several titles. The website will remain up.

BUY our Books with INDIEBOUND (click logo)


OUR BOOKS on sale here

OUR BOOKS on sale here
shop for our titles in their Minnesota store or online at Birchbark Books (click their logo)